Tractatus 2.022, 2.023, 2.023, 2.0231, 2.0232

2.022 It is clear that however different from the real one an imagined world may be, it must have something – a form – in common with the real world

2.023 This fixed form consists of the objects

2.0231 The substance of the world can only determine a form and not any material properties. For these are the first presented by the propositions – first formed by the configuration of the objects.

2.0232 Roughly speaking: objects are colorless


Now we get to the form of the world. More mysterious passages. It seems the objects are the fundamental parts of the world. Whatever we imagine, it shares the same form with our world. This form is the substance, the objects. 

We finally get to see what Wittgenstein has in mind when he thinks of propositions. It’s true, the arrangement (configuration) of objects are propositions (though I’m not sure what the is is doing here). The substance of the world cannot define properties (materially). Again, a metaphysical temptation. I’ll try to leave speculating about this phrase behind, as I don’t know what to think if this is not a metaphyscial statements. I also don’t know what the “these” is referring to in 2.0231. I assume the material properties. If material properties are formed by propositions which are formed by arrangement of objects…. How can the substance of the world not determine material properties? Especially if objects form the substance of the world?

The only answer: objects are colorless. These objects become more and more interesting. Maybe this was Wittgenstein’s strategy to detach us from the word that’s so familiar to us in other contexts. Maybe I’ll look to a companion to the Tractatus to get clearer on this concept.

~ by Barky on April 25, 2012.

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