Tractatus 2.0131

2.0131 A spatial object must lie in infinite space. (A point in space is a place for an argument.) A speck in a visual field need not be red, but it must have a colour; it has, so to speak, a colour space round it. A tone must have a pitch, the object of the sense of touch a hardness, etc.

I’m not sure what to say about the first two sentences here. Witt. already made his point with space and objects, logical possibilities and atomic facts, I don’t know what this adds. The parenthetical remark is the most mysterious one here. Maybe lines like this are the reasons the logical positivist movement got off the ground. A way of cashing out that line is to say that arguments can only be made about points in space (existing things). That can’t be right though. Witt. talks about logical space far more than he talks about “spatial” space. The set of all atomic facts must have some logical atomic facts as a subset (or do they? He questions this later). Working through the 2’s is hard when we know some of what’s ahead.

~ by Barky on February 29, 2012.

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