Tractatus 2.013

2.013 Everything is, as it were, in a space of possible atomic facts. I can think of this space as empty, but not of the thing without space

Another tip of the hat to Kant? Wasn’t Kant doing metaphysics? Absolutely. Witt. makes an interesting parallel between the way we see the world and how logical propositions work. Just as I can’t understand tables, chairs, and bottles without time and space, so I cannot understand a logical object without an atomic fact. This is a connection I missed the first time through (a thorough seminar on Kant didn’t hurt). Witt. will drive the connection between words and propositions into the reader over and over. Here it comes out in terms of things and atomic facts, but the connection is easy to see. Logical possibilities map out the limits of our language. Again, this will be refuted in PI. Logical space is replaced with language games.

~ by Barky on February 27, 2012.

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