A New Semester

A new semester has arrived. It’s arrival is welcome. I will be taking three classes: Advanced Logic, Virtue Ethics, and Physicalism. Each of these classes have their own strangeness about them. I look forward to struggling through them.

The Virtue Ethics class is most uncharted area for me. We are exploring modern virtue ethics. How can it make sense to try to establish virtue in the modern world (with a secular base)? This is the overall question I’m most interested in. Somehow the project of virtue makes sense in the ancient world, but seems to be nonsense to most in the modern world. We shall see. I am concerned that Foot is not on the syllabus, which is a name which came up at Auburn a fair amount. We will be reading Hursthouse, Slote, McDowell, Russell, Das, and others. Our first project is agent based virtue ethics (Slote is a holder of this view), which runs into problems quickly. I enjoy, for lack of a better word, the tone of these papers more so than I have in other ethics papers. There seems to be an infusion of humanity here that I feel is lacking in other theories. We’ll see.

I have a new project. I want to go through the Tractatus line by line as a side project. I want to start with the 2’s and move on (the 1’s are too loaded to start with, I’ll never understand them). If nothing else, I will have a complete account of my thoughts on each remark in the Tractatus. If these thoughts turn out to be wrong it will still be useful to me. I’ll hopefully start reading PI after this, since I’ve run out of books to prepare me for the work (finished the Blue and Brown Books and hoping to finish On Certainty soon).

~ by Barky on January 24, 2012.

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