Falling Away

The phenomenon of conversion is a mysterious one. A person, set in their particular understanding of the universe is flung in another direction. If their conversion is true, it creates a new foundation to built their lives on. It shows them the fundamental reality of the world, and the person must embrace it. These conversions, interestingly enough, are not done over night. A man firmly convicted in his atheism will not convert to Christianity after a good argument. The mind has locked itself into a particular framework, arguments are not powerful enough to break this up. The atheist becomes the arguer and nothing else. It is a response to an attack.

No conversion takes place by argument. It is a helpful tool, but it is not the major tool. Conversion takes place slowly. It is as if a person wakes from a dream slowly, blinking his eyes with a kind of disorientation before the world and the realization of it become clear. This slow process is not a holding onto certain kinds of beliefs, or to taking on a kind of religious system. It is is a conversion from within, the deep part of the person. It is all inclusive. It is a mystery.

~ by Barky on August 3, 2011.

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