The heart has a tendency to lust. But it cannot merely lust. It must lust after something. The vice is normally associated with things of a sexual nature but is not limited to such things. Authors sometimes use the word to make a character that much more sinister, lusting after the death of the hero for example. It is characterized by a kind of obsession or unholy yearning. It is a vice difficult to describe but easy to point out.

Lust does not go away after one enters a sexual relationship or is married. The temptation is still present. ‘How can this be?’ one might say, ‘the object of that which I would lust over has been given to me’. It takes a closer look at lust’s nature to understand this. Lust does not merely desire, but desires in such a way as to nullify the thing lusted after. That is, the thing lusted after is stripped of its nature and becomes something to be consumed. So, wanting to have sex does not make me (by itself) guilty of the vice, but wanting it to the point of destroying the others humanity (personhood) does. This kind of dehumanization is a direct product of our desire to make every thing around us an object of consumption. to make the world an object of our pleasure and bidding.

juxtapose lust to the yearning for sexual intimacy with your wife. The character of this emotion is very different. There is a kind of tenderness, openness, and direct embracing of the other person’s nature as opposed to its destruction. It is easy to confuse love with lust, with one of these emotions for the other. Though it takes a long time to distinguish them (and often it goes unnoticed).

The vice can easily take over our lives and integrate with the other vices to where one cannot be mentioned without the other. If the world is an object of our consumption, lust will be only one of the vices we suffer from. We will keep consuming and never be full, our destruction will be complete.

~ by Barky on August 2, 2011.

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