Cowboys and Aliens

I saw Cowboys and Aliens today. I liked it. I liked it because it proves that summer movies do not have to be without strong directing and cinematography. From the very beginning with Daniel Craig’s multi man fight, to the final stand off with the aliens, the directing remains tight throughout.

The movie is a western, the aliens being a mere sci-fi twist on the common criminal posse. Daniel Craig playing a man without a memory but an arsenal of fighting skills, Harrison Ford playing an owner of a cattle company which terrorizes the town. The movie leads you to think the stand off between Craig and Ford would itself make a good film, but is quickly interrupted by the aliens arrival and subsequent teaming up of hero and villain. The plot after the initial stand off is simple: kill all aliens. Typically this would turn me off from the film completely, but it didn’t, the strong directing keeping me invested.

Unlike Captain America, another movie I recently saw, the director of Cowboys and Aliens has tight control over each scene as it unfolds. This is made clear in each fight scene as it unfolds. It is not a jumbled mess of gunshots and explosions, with the hero going into battle and punching each villain with ease, but a clear beginning, middle, and end to each fight. It makes each fight entertaining and unique, making each scene clearly distinct from one another. In Captain America, I couldn’t tell the difference in any scene that involved a fight, a simple copy and paste could have done the job.

This movie is self aware, and I appreciate that. It delivers as a good summer action movie, with rare directorial prowess to match.

~ by Barky on July 30, 2011.

One Response to “Cowboys and Aliens”

  1. I liked it too. Saw it yesterday. Fun film. Nice point about the fight scenes.

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