Job Market

Applying for jobs is extremely tedious. Most companies use some kind of awkward program that rarely does what it is designed to do. You hit a button and loose all of your information, including cover letters, etc, which does no one any good. This approach to hiring has baffled me over the years. Though I realize the internet has become the most accessible way of getting information to and from people, the exploitation of the technology has lead to puzzling ends. Not only so I not see who I am interviewing with, I don’t speak, know, or acknowledge a single human person throughout the entire application process. what kind of system is this?

By reducing a person’s eligibility to a resume and (maybe) a cover letter, what on earth do you really get? Is a person’s work really measured up in those two documents? I can’t understand the logic here. Who would hire someone based on their resume and see a full reflection of their resume in their work. What would that even mean? The corporate world operates on strange rules that no one seems to understand, like, or pay attention to. There are criteria that everyone seems to hold on to that represents a good candidate, and they are told to pick a person based on these criteria. There are countless books telling you how to act during interviews and business dinners, various functions involving business. Who makes these rules?

My observations of the working world lead me to question it all. The way people act is dictated by some code that no one had the courtesy to tell, but is expected to be followed at all times. It all confuses me, and my frustration in these matters doesn’t help either. Lord’s will be done.

~ by Barky on May 7, 2010.

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