Judging A Mystery

“Judge not, that ye be not judged.” -Mt 1:7

I want to elaborate on something I said the other day. If the Image of god is within every human person, then the infinite is within every human person. The depths of a person, their essence, cannot be known in entirety. This is true even for the person themself, we cannot know ourselves through and through. There is only one who knows this, God. People seem think they know not only themselves but others around them. They claim that people are “just that way” when explaining their behaviour. They’re labeled and tucked away with no regard to this mystery.

This, I think, is one of the main reasons why Christ tells us not to judge. We don’t know a person. Only God knows the true state of every one, the deep self. To pass judgement on someone (including yourself!) is to claim you know everything there is to know about that person. A person is not a mystery in this mindset, they are labeled and tucked away, devoured. If we saw each person for what they are, the Image of God, then not only will we not judge, we simply couldn’t. How can we claim anything about anyone unless we know everything about them?

Even our own person is mystery to us. We are to work on ourselves, as Christ tells us, not placing judgement on any others. We pierce into the mystery of ourselves, finding our hidden faults, working with God to bring about our salvation. If we focus on ourselves and our own sins, we will realize we are not in a position to judge anyone. If we always keep our sins before us, we will recognize ourselves as the chief of sinners, not as judge of another. The only one who judges is the one who judges perfectly, the Lord. He alone has the whole story of everyone, the entire amalgamation of each human person.

We cannot judge a mystery. If we see all people as mystery, we will see them as they are. In seeing them as they are, we will not only cast out our judgement, but see God in them. This is what is required to love people. If we are to love people, we must not judge. May He lead us to that place.

~ by Barky on May 6, 2010.

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