What I Want This To Be

I hope this blog is a help, not a hindrance. If I am to write, I must do it often. If I am to write for a living, I must do it well. I hope this blog will lead me to do both. Writing is nothing more than putting your thoughts on the page. This is deceptively simple. Anyone who has tried to write something they care about has been faced with this problem. Though I am intimate with my thoughts, I cannot reproduce them in a clear way. My words are muddled. Most often our thoughts are the real trouble. Our words are muddled because our thoughts are muddled. We don’t know what we think, though we are deeply engaged in our thinking. This is a mysterious part of writing. By writing, I hope to hone my thoughts as well as my words.

This blog will be about many things, seemingly unrelated to one another. There is a common thread somewhere but it eludes me. Perhaps I will get clear about this as well. I hope and pray this blog will not be for my ego’s sake. I hope this will be useful for me and enjoyable for those who read it. These next few years will be an interesting time for me, hopefully this will birth interesting thoughts as well.

Only through the fire can one be saved…

~ by Barky on May 3, 2010.

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